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STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM How many teenagers in my district goes to church and is interested in religion. METHOD OF INVESTIGATION The method of investigation I decided to use for my research is a questionnaire. I made the duplicates of the questionnaire to ensure that they could be distributed to every teenager in my district. The questionnaire is a suitable method as it gives the student time to formulate the questions clearly and concisely on paper therefore making them easily understood to whom ever is reading. Another advantage of the questionnaire is that it does not take a long time to be completed. INSTRUMENT USED TO COLLECT DATA Copy of questionnaire Research to find out the number of teenagers who go to church and their…show more content…
All seventy five (75) questionnaires were returned completed. Figure 1 shows a bar graph showing the number of teenagers who go to church from those who do not go to church from the different teenage groups. Figure 1 indicates that there are more teenagers going to church from the age group 16-19 than from the age group of 18-15. Figure 2 shows a pie chart showing the different activities teenagers enjoy going to church. Figure 2 indicates that sixty percentage (60%) of the teenagers questioned enjoys socializing with friends at church the most proceedings which was chosen by twenty percentage (20%) of the teenagers questioned. The least popular activities were teaching others about God and learning bible verses which were both chosen ten (10%) a piece by the teenagers questioned. Figure 3, shows a Line Graph showing the different influences that encourage teenagers to go to church. Figure 3 indicates that most teenagers are influenced to go to church by their parents which were chosen by thirty five (35) of the seventy five (75) teenagers questioned. The second biggest influence was that of peers which was chosen by twenty five (25) of the seventy five (75) teenagers questioned. This was followed by other members who go to church which was chosen by ten (10) of the seventy five (75) teenagers questioned and self motivation which was five (5) of the seventy five (75) teenagers questioned. Figure 4, shows a Pie Chart showing the different moral values learned at

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