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CXC SOCIAL STUDIES PROJECT SCHOOL BASED ASSESMENT (S.B.A) (YEAR 2011) NAME OF CANDIDATE: SCHOOL: CENTRE #: CANDIDATE #: TITLE: The Level of Alcohol Use among Students of My School. TERITORY: Acknowledgement The successful completion of this study would not have been possible without the assistance and cooperation of a number of people. Consequently, I would like to thank GOD for giving me the strength to complete this study. I would like to thank the students of the St. Catherine High School for their massive support and valuable time spent on answering the questionnaire given. Members of my family have been a constant source of encouragement and assistance. I thank my…show more content…
I therefore decided to choose the grades by a selective survey method known as random selection. The grades were all written, each on a slip of paper. Each slip of paper was folded and placed into a box. The box was closed and shaken vigorously to ensure a through mixture of these grades. A total of 4 questionnaires were distributed to each grade 7-6 form. This number the researcher thinks is an adequate sample to represent the school’s population. Each grade was then supplied with questionnaires. The Solution of Alcohol use among Students Solutions | Percentages | Counselling | 36% | Inform students about the harmful effects of alcohol | 32% | Encourage other interest and social activities | 25% | Create programmes to rehabilitate students who are already consuming alcohol | 7% | (Fig.3) graph showing: the solution of alcohol use among students The table above shows the solutions of alcohol consumption.36% of the respondents indicates that counselling can help to lessen consume alcohol, 21% states that the students should be informed about the harmful effect of alcohol, 25% thinks that other interest and social activities could be encourage and 7% thinks that programmes can be implemented to rehabilitate students who are already consuming alcohol. (Fig.4) graph showing: The effects of alcohol consumption among students. The graph above shows the effects of alcohol consumption among students. Grade thirteen (13) and grade nine (9) states that alcohol

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