Social Theories Examination of Prostitution

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Prostitution is the sale of sexual services for money or goods without emotional attachment. Systems of prostitution can include any industry in which women and/or children’s- and occasionally men’s bodies are bought, sold, or traded for sexual use. Prostitution has been referred to as the “world’s oldest profession” because proof of prostitution can be found from up to four thousand years in the past. Prostitution has been neither totally accepted nor condemned. Sociological perspectives can be used to examine prostitution as a social problem in Canada. Structural Functionalists focus on how deviance-including prostitution-is an important element of society. Symbolic Interactionalists investigate micro-level concerns, such as how or why…show more content…
Residents worry that increased police patrols will linger only as long as there is public attention to a long-standing problem. Residents called for continuous police patrols so people outside downtown will again feel comfortable visiting the once vibrant area.
Article Four Summary The Fourth Article on prostitution: Career Options in Prostitution was found on the Jobboom Internet Career Guide. The article is about a fourteen year old girl named Falle. Falle turned into a prostitute and ended up marrying her pimp. When young female prostitutes turn sixteen many are already hooked into “the life” and in emotionally corrosive co-dependent relationships with predatory pimps who control them through physical and psychological battery. Falle clung to the hope that her husband would change that if she worked hard and made lots of money that he wouldn’t get another girl. During the last two years of her marriage, between her routine beatings from her husband and threats from other prostitutes she resorted to drugs and developed an addiction to crack-cocaine. When she became so delusional that she didn’t even recognize her own mother she wanted out of the business. Falle spent a month in drug treatment and ninety days in a detention centre, she completed high school in seven months. She received her diploma in “Wife Assault and Child Advocacy” from George Brown College.
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