Social Theories of Karl Marx and Maw Weber

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There are many sociological issues in the world today that can relate back to the concept theories that Karl Marx and Max Weber formed many years ago. Although there are too many for us to go further in depth on, I chose to primarily focus on Racism and Classism. With the perspectives of these theorists in mind I can explain how Racism, Classism, in conjunction with Feminism are among the largest social problems human beings face in the world today. Both theorists have different theories of the social concept Classism, however they are not that much different from one another. Karl Marx utilizes the term “proletariat” to refer to the "working class". Marx views the members of each class as sharing their own distinctive culture. Max Weber…show more content…
This allows us to raise our brows to the problems with socialism, and where the government is failing us. Marx used the concept of “class consciousness” to refer to a subjective awareness held by members of a class regarding their common vested interests and need for collective political action to bring about social change. According to Marx, class is qualitatively different from gender and race and cannot be considered just another system of oppression. Globally racism and sexism differs depending on the situation, but in nature produces the same issues. Racism is a major social problem in more than just one part of the world. There is not a connection between certain races and how they are treated in similar countries, there is a drift among racially divided cultures. For example, 1/4 white men who use coke are caught for it while 1/17 black men who use it are caught. The number of white to black users are the same, however the conviction rate is very different. Feminism is another social problem troubling human societies all over the world. Feminism is an issue of Dominance of Men over Women around the world. The feminist theory is a result of the general movement to empower women worldwide. According to Weber feminism can be defined as a

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