Social Theory Is The Central Idea That Entitles Not Only All Societies

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Social theory is the central idea that entitles not only all societies but the limited as well. Social theory helps us understand certain ideas better. It helps us to critically analyze a certain topic, that being a certain religion or even a certain economic status. We can ask questions such as, what factors helped that individual or group of people get to that certain economic status or what about that certain religion helped set the fundamentals or certain morals a person adopts into their life or lives. Now, to better use social theory and to break it down there is three themes. Of these three common themes the first is, what is the nature of the individual and how does the individual act in the context of society? (Manza et al., 2105) So what could possibly be the so-called “nature” of an individual? The nature of an individual is a characteristic. It is what makes that person who they are, their individual thought process. So what they think about a certain idea is who they are. Their way of thinking is what affects their choices and how they act in a society. To better facilitate your understanding of this first theme I will set an example. There is a young woman who has grown up in a Christian household. She was born and raised in the church and by the church. Her whole life she was taught about abstinence. Therefore, this young Christian woman will not practice premarital sex. That is if she follows through with her religious beliefs exactly. The second common theme
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