Social Theory and Karl Marx

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Karl Marx introduces theory materialistic in society. Karl Marx makes this theory aid to form equality between societies and have a better life of society. In Karl Marx era, his founds that huge gap in society between bourgeois and workers. Bourgeois enjoy the fruit of labour while workers contribute labour. Bourgeois introduce material forces of production based on Marx terminology that include capital, land and labour, whereas social relations of production refers to the division of labour and implied class relationship. In addition, the owner makes their huge profit by paying worker less than their work worth. Max told that totality relation of economic structure form shape of superstructure of society. Other than that, owner exploit…show more content…
Each department will divide the employee into 2 sub group that has different break time. Different break time is to ensure the transistor productions non-stops, aligned to the theory by Karl Marx which is material of force production. This material force of production explains that production is more important and the product belongs to owners. My supervisor for marking department is old Malay guy that can understand a little of Myanmar language, with his help I understands my job for a bits. My nieces also work inside the same factory. With her helps, I was being transfer into others department that have higher majority of Malaysian citizens. My new department is known as pengasingan. Each individual have their own target transistor to produce each month. Thus, I must take seriously this job, need more focus and don’t have time to speak to the next person. If a person do not achieve their target and cause transistor damage, person will get warning letters and need to face supervisors. This action leads to alienation during division of job. There also some cases of Myanmar employee that salary being cut because almost 2 month did not achieve her target. The entire operator also being monitor by CCTV that always being watching by the japan owner of factory. Thus the person that caught makes mistake such as extra break time or play around during work time will be call into the
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