Social Therory Essay

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Social Theory Examination Paper Tremaine Iwundu CJA/314 March 17, 2014 Carl M. Miedich Social Theory Examination Paper The way individuals learn to interact with society as children tends to predict how they will interact with society and respond to its environments as adults. There are social theories that help the understanding of why individuals choose deviant behaviors and how they progress through life. Social process theories view criminal and deviant criminal behaviors as evolving mechanisms learned through societal interaction. Social development theories view deviant and criminal behaviors as part of a maturation process. Social theories are conclusions that have come about based on the response of individuals to…show more content…
In a sense nothing had changed only the method of getting it done. The video raised awareness of the violent crimes that occur within the Pelican Bay prison system. The inmates seemed to have control of the facility and various crimes were often committed at the same rate or more so inside of the prison. This is because reaching Pelican Bay is considered to be an accomplishment to many inmates. Once they reach Pelican Bay, they have “made it” within the penal system. Once they make it there, the individuals have an image to maintain. They have to prove that they are worthy of being there by continually committing murders, beat downs, ordering hits, and disobeying and disrespecting the staff. In the video it was mentioned that the inmates often left the prison worse than when they came. The stay at the institution did little to no good to aid in some type of rehabilitation, but it reinforced the deviant behavior that was already present and possibly created more deviant behavior. The individual left a worse criminal than when he came. This is because his behavior while in prison was rewarded by his peers. More than likely he gained respect, rank in some gang, and a name associated with his behavior. This video was an example of what the social process theory is. The inmates reacted according to where they were and what they were affiliated with. They were inmates in a prison housed with other inmates who have committed various crimes. One definition of social
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