Social Underground Will Go Over The Newest Episode Of The Hit Show Mr. Robot

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Each week, Social Underground will go over the newest episode of the hit show Mr. Robot. There will be a recap of what happened, and then some commentary on what happened and where the show might go next. Trying to figure out where this show goes is pretty difficult since there are many plots that interweve. The good thing about that is having a show that 's unpredictable. No one like knowing the end of a season at the beginning. Looking at you Wayward Pines. 2 seasons in a row! Ugh Last week 's episode was so full of weird stuff going on that at the end of it, I just sat there and went, "Wait, what just happened?" It was like the entire episode went over my head, and that sort of made me feel like an idiot. What happened the last few week 's basically proved that the hack wasn 't 100% successful. E Corp took a huge hit, but the real people hurting are the people that had accounts with E Corp banks. That 's the complete opposite of what the Elliot and co. wanted to do. Their objective was to free all people of their debt by hacking in. Maybe they should 've blown up all the credit card buildings like in Fight Club. Elliot might have a blown off face, but hell, that seemed to work in that movie. SPOILER ALERT!!! A lot happened this episode, so let 's get to it: In the opening scene, we are treated to a flashback of Elliot and Darlene celebrating a family reunion with each other by watching a fake slasher film. These events take place before season one, so you can

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