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In Newark, NJ restaurants and bars accumulate bulky trash made up of primarily heavy glass bottles. My company, which will be named Glass-Cycle, can offer a service to meet the needs of restaurants and bars in the Ironbound section of Newark, NJ. Glass-Cycle will pick up the trash, which we consider to be raw materials for our own business purpose of selling recycled and repurposed stained glass items back to the restaurant and bar owners and also the local community of Newark, NJ, online shoppers. Glass is 100 percent recyclable and therefore the glass that restaurants and bars in the city throw out should be managed and recovered, as there is a great social and environmental need for it. Collecting the glass from the restaurants and…show more content…
They will be working under the supervision of our designer. Students will not be paid in monetary units, but rather will be receiving college credits for their work. We will additionally be giving them real-life experience that may hopefully spark an interest in working for a social enterprise in their future. For the ex-offenders, Glass-Cycle will pay them in wages that exceed minimum wage levels. The ex-offenders will be hired to do the recycling and repurposing jobs after the glass in the warehouse has been melted. These workers will be working under the supervision of our Director of Logistics to turn the glass into finished products using designs created by the art students. Glass Cycle will have a segmented market for its customers and community. Our primary customers will be restaurant and bar owners who will purchase our items in bulk and can take advantage of our ten percent discount on each order. These businesses are the sources from which the majority of our sales revenues will come. Our secondary customers will be online shoppers of our community, in which, the products will be sold on our website. Customers can opt to receive catalogs that showcase Glass-Cycle products sold on our website. In order to be profitable and continue business for the long term, Glass-Cycle will heavily relay on local marketing and building enduring relationships with our customers. Well-formed relationships with our valued customers along
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