Social Web And Its Impact On Society

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We live in a technological time in which everything we do or say can be shared with the whole world through “social web" or “web 2.0”. Living in the 21st century we have technology that makes it fairly easy to share anything, thanks to the commodity of it. This is not the only factor for the “social web” to be so popular to an extent it can be seen and taken as a community. A community of people that share and care about a specific thing depending on the website or forum. Due to the fact that it is so easy to share anything in the “social web” people disclose their private information. The whole concept of the “social web” being a community or commodity can lead to form many questions, from ethical to philosophical ones. Questions that Diane P. Michelfelder Professor of philosophy forms and addresses in the article Web2.0: Community as Commodity. Michelfelder argues that “social web” is both community and commodity and the purpose for writing this article is to create discussion of the ethical consequences the “social web” can have due to the disclosure of private information. In the beginning of the article Michelfelder states the research question explicitly that she will be addressing. She addresses the question "How does everyday experience with social web help to shape individual wellbeing and the quality of life?" she does it through an ethical perspective (Michelfelder 203). Going far enough to add to the original question "To what extent do they also contribute to
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