Social Welfare And The Field Of Social Work

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Three thousand years ago, people recognized that they had a moral obligation to help those in need. Looking back on the history of social work, there have been many definitions of the field, but it is ever-changing and expanding to include the things that happen in society every day. The 1800’s were a defining period of time for social welfare and the field of social work was born. For the time, there was such progressive acts stemming from many factors affecting the United States including a population increase, both here in the U.S. and in terms of immigration. The textbook lists a whole page of the programs and organizations enacted in the 1800’s, and among them were the child labor laws that passed in 1836 in Boston, the first look into services provided to “insane people” in 1841 (Berg-Weger, 26), the first mental asylum opened in Trenton, New Jersey in 1845, and, when “mentally deficient” (Berg-Weger, 26) people were able to obtain public education in Providence Rhode Island in 1896. Social work has gone from being strictly volunteer work to being an accredited, multidimensional field. Today, we still have some of those same programs, and we have added others, and use them as stepping stones because social work is ever-changing to accommodate all important issues and information of an ever-changing population. We are now working to assist everyone from older adults, to children, to military veterans. All of this progress wouldn’t have been possible without the pioneers

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