Social Welfare In Canada

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There are many ways that governments have tried to fix this issue, one of them being social welfare. According to Hick (2005), welfare can be defined as "legislated documents that prescribe how income security and social services are to be carried out” or it can be seen as a philosophical idea or "an abstract set of principles that enable society to seek solutions to social problems”. An example of what is considered a social welfare state is Canada, due to their programs for income security and social security which are provided by the government to their citizens. Although Canada’s social welfare has been facing some problems due to citizens depending more on other organizations outside of the government, this is because of their rigid criteria…show more content…
These disagreements are a cause of different political beliefs and other basic views about these types of programs. As mentioned before, the definition of what social justice is will vary between individuals, same applies to what is considered a socially just welfare and this is because of all the factors (such as socioeconomic status, mass media and personal experiences) that influence our conception of what a just social welfare should be. Someone who is low income might perceive a social welfare as programs that provide assistance without a rigid criteria for eligibility and on the other side of the spectrum, someone who is high income, who works hard for their money might think the opposite and believe that a just social welfare would be that which includes a rigorous set of requirements for…show more content…
There needs to be a flexible set of requirements regarding just social welfare and other issues that are linked to the poverty and inequality that most, if not all societies face. We are currently in what seems a globalized economy, where a simple economic action from one place in the world can affect all other countries in one way or another. It is important that we concentrate and deliberate on what is needed for social justice, human rights and equity to work properly in regards to every society’s main concern. Although these three concepts are hard to exercise in a way that no more issues can emerge from them it is possible to adjust them to alleviate the conditions and diminish the damages caused by the lack of
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