Social Work : A Profession That Offers Therapy, Valuation, Intervention And Treatment For Those Who Need It

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Social Work is a profession that offers therapy, valuation, intervention and treatment for those who need it. They also offer support services to individuals, families, couples and communities who are dealing with psychosocial issues and those who require assistance obtaining social and health services. The practice of social work is guided by knowledge of social systems, human behavior and social resources, and is strictly regulated to protect the health, safety and welfare of people. I would love to have a career in social work. I was not sure on the career field I wanted to be in, but has I research more and conducted interviews in this field , I’m sure of where I want to be. Though I had the basic knowledge about the…show more content…
Working as a social worker will require you to be educated, trained and in some states be license. Applicants are subject to employment verification, as well as background and criminal record investigations. Working as a social worker will require to have a bachelor or a master degree. However, very few agencies will hire applicants with an associated degree working toward their bachelor with at lease with some related work experience. Nonetheless, I do intend on continuing my education by obtaining my bachelor’s degree at Georgia State University and/or any other certificates needed. There are different type of social worker such as those of Child, Family and School Social Workers (pay scale: $37,300), Medical and Public Health Social Workers (pay scale: $48,100), and Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers ($48,920) but, as of May 2015, the median annual wage for social workers was $45,900. A Social worker can work in a school, a hospital, for the state, or any non-profit organization. I look forward in becoming a Social worker. I was unsure of my career further, but educating myself in this field has become one of my main goals. SECOND PART: Question for the interview Social worker Name: Ms. Lee Jasmin Contact: 863 228 1305 Questions and answers: Ms. Lee Jasmin was ask several questions pertaining to her work as a social worker and was more than elated to answer. In her interview, the following questions were
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