Social Work And Ecological Theory Analysis

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Social work embodies diverse theoretical structure that can be applied in the practice. However, there are two current approaches that are guiding social workers’ performance in a conventional or progressive practice. A conventional approach tends to maintain the social order, and thus it is aligned with societal values and institutions. On the other hand, a progressive approach criticizes “the status quo”, and aims to change social structures.

The ecological theory illustrated by Maluccio, Washitz, and Libassi (1992, p.32) is inserted into the conventional perspective and contends that the impact of the environment on individual wellbeing is very important in order to adapt to a society. Conversely, Mullaly (2007) states that the structural theory, which is part of a progressive social work, is concerned with the economic, political, and social factors, particularly
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Therefore, she claimed to be discriminated by her sexual orientation, as she was not treated equally. From an ecological perspective, a social worker assesses her client and develops an intervention based on her personal, emotional, familiar and external resources. Consequently, the practitioner tries to activate those resources and increases linkages with LGBT community, such as a support group in order to minimize the effects of discrimination or a counselling session to address stigma and oppression. The social worker also explains client’s rights and gender equality within the workplace, and the legal protection available to obtain her parental leave. Besides, if the client feels uncomfortable to return to the company, the social worker will provide employment support and
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