Social Work And Its Impact On Society

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The basis of social work in the society at large trying to manage the effects of poverty and inequality. Social work has a complex connection with charity work. Charity has been practicing provision of social welfare dating back in the ancient times. Religion played a major role in providing poor relief long before the establishment welfare systems. However social work has modern and scientific origins form the nineteenth century.

Pre - Modern Social Work.

Church provided social services for the poor before the Modern European states emerged. Monasteries dealt with all aspects of poor relief, providing services of social care, (eg; acting as hospitals, old age homes, and other welfare services). The Christian Church had a huge influence on society, charitable work was regarded as a sign of devotion by those who delivered the services. The clergy undertook this role independent from government until the Early Modern Period of social work. The Poor laws were the early legislation for poor relief in the sixteenth century followed by the The Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834.

Modern Social Work and Development.

Social work as a practice and profession originated from the nineteenth century in England. It has modern and scientific origins and have emerged out of three strands which are as follows; 'Individual Casework, Social Administration, and Social Action '. As the industrialisation emerged with new societal problems which were the results of urbanisation. As early…
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