Social Work And Practice For An Effective Work Environment

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DECLARATION I hereby declare that this article entitled “SOCIAL WORK EDUCATION AND PRACTICE FOR AN EFFECTIVE IN WORK ENVIRONMENT” is a record of first hand work done by Ms.Sindhu Sivan, and it has not previously formed the basis for any other publication. Chennai 19/12/2014 Ms.Sindhu Sivan Research Scholar (Ph.D) Madras School of Social Work SOCIAL WORK EDUCATION AND PRACTICE FOR AN EFFECTIVE IN WORK ENVIRONMENT. Sindhu Sivan * & Dr.K.Sathyamurthi ** ABSTRACT Social Work Education in India offers many specializations in the curriculum. Among them one of the specializations is connected with work place. Earlier it was known as Personnel management and Labour Welfare but presently knowing as Human Resource Management (HRM). Currently in many forums there is a debate among Indian social work educators whether social work methods are practicing effectively in the work place and HRM can be considered as one of the specializations in social work education. This article focuses on the relevance of social work practice in the work place and how the curriculum needs to be strengthened based on the field practices and to train social workers to practice social work methods effectively in the workplace. Key Words: Social work education, practice, Methods, Management and work place I. INTRODUCTION Social work practice in work place today occupies an increasingly important position in the field from both a professional and educational point of view. Recent
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