Social Work As A Profession

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Personal Statement
Cutley S. Thadison
Purpose of social work &choice of social work as a profession.
Social Work is a powerful, selfless profession. We as a profession enable persons within a community achieve positive and beneficial goals. We speak for those who can’t speak for themselves while teaching them how to speak for themselves. The profession of social work is about putting the needs of others before self. I have decided to pursue social work as a profession due to my desire of wanting to help others to set and accomplish their own personal beneficial goals. The profession is all about making a difference for me as the worker and leaving a lasting impact on the lives of my clients. From my experience and studies I have learned social work is a profession that provides a variety of services for clients, families, groups, communities, and society. I want to be able to help clients learn how to help themselves, which requires me as their social worker to be capable of recognizing the issues at hand and also be knowledgeable enough to carry out the duties that would be necessary to help that client progress in life. I feel that social work is a profession that should not be taking lightly. This field of work is about enhancing the quality of life and leaving the situation you encounter in a better state than when you as the worker made first contact. A person in this field has to be able to handle stress and also be committed to performing a task at their highest

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