Social Work As A Social Worker

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There are many helping professions. Society has doctors, therapist, teachers, nurses, etc. To help means to assist, which means to serve. Every business has the infrastructure to serve a need presented for whatever motives lay behind the person’s reasoning. What makes social work idiosyncratic unlike the rest is the willingness and passion to promote human well-being. I yearn and hunger to see growth of what is already innate. That is the reason psychology became my undeclared major.
My ignorance of the social work role did create misconceptions and fears. I knew I had to be in some helping profession. I was not sure if I would do so through occupational therapy, psychology, teaching, or social work. I wanted to be a social worker, but I was afraid of the danger associated with it by giving way to stereotypes. No one wants to be shot or harassed due to taking someone’s child from a terrible environment. This is what I defined social work as. I was a psychology major with a niche for social and child developmental psychology. I as three years into the Bachelor of Science Psychology program and I began to develop a distaste for psychology methodology. The field appeared to be competitive and only research or clinical driven, which I believed confine the goals I set for myself. I was tired of rehearing the same old man psychological theories that had a narrow scope. The competition was not intimidating, but it was unnecessary and defeating to turn out rates of…

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