Social Work As A Social Worker

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Human services itself describes a multitude of possible agencies and therefore career opportunities. However one of the huge parts of human services is adoption, foster care, and assisting children in general. Being a social worker you can help make sure that children are placed in good, loving homes, where they are going to be taken care of. There has been countless people that have helped to form and shape the way that social workers help children; but by far one of the most influential people would have to have been Charles Loring Brace. Charles Loring Brace has help create the roots for how we today work as social workers and how the system functions as a whole. What is a social worker? This question could mean so many different things to different people. The definition of a social worker according to ASU School of Social Work “Social Work is a profession dedicated to enhancing human capacity to solve complex social problems in order to create a more humane and just society” ("What Is Social Work?”). According to the textbook An Introduction to Human Services the establishment of human services and social work as a whole has been a slow process, that has grown throughout human history. Until about the 1500s the Catholic Church was the organization that was mostly responsible for all human service care people required and needed. In fact many see the first human service professionals as St. Thomas and St. Francis. Churches taking on the responsibility that human…

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