Social Work As a Profession

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Choosing social work as my future profession was a decision I made after much reflection, considering the fact that more than just a profession, social work is a vocation that I must commit to, professionally and personally. One of the main reasons why I decided to pursue social work as my future profession is that I have always been interested and passionate about social issues, particularly those I find relevant to my life. My experience living close to informal settlers in my community exposed me to the realities and roles of individuals and groups to the problem of poverty: some 'actors' assume the role of the distant, self-serving individual, and other 'actors' actually take the time to get to know these communities and understand their situations. I believe I could be the latter and consciously prefer to avoid being the former. Another motivation for me to pursue social work is that it is a profession that leads to progressive career development, either I specialize on a particular sector of expertise or I expand my practice of social work in helping implement development programs in different sectors. And ultimately, I think that social work also responds to my need to have my passion as my profession. I want my future work to feel that it is a part or extension of me, within and outside of my work environment that is, I want my profession to still make me feel like the same person that I am even after or when I am not at work. Obtaining a degree in Social Work would

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