Social Work Capstone Reflection

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This capstone course assisted in connecting all the material I have learned thus far in the program as well as helped me to identify what skills and knowledge I need to continue working on. The capstone presentation, as well as class, helped me to practice strength-based language and be conscious of how I describe my clients when presenting them to others. It can be a habit to use negative language to describe a problem-saturated story and unintentionally describe a patient’s story in a way that comes off as stigmatizing. This class helped me become conscious and tactful about how I word sensitive circumstances. It was a great experience to present my patient’s case to the class and practice being thoughtful of how I portrayed my patient’s presenting problem to the group.
A patient frequently comes to a social worker with a variety of problems, and it can be overwhelming trying to determine where to start with the patient. In capstone class, we discussed presenting problems and determining which problem is more appropriate to focus on within the agency setting. In class we were able to practice identifying the presenting problem by using case vignettes as an example. This activity was extremely helpful in learning how to identify a patient’s presenting problem and acquiring the skill to determine which problem takes precedence within certain settings. Two overarching perspectives that I will focus on are striving to be culturally responsive and using evidence-based
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