Social Work Case Study- How I Applied Social Work Skills through Sessions with Mother and Son

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Introduction Being aware of oneself as a social worker is imperative if one plans to be an effective and competent social worker. There will be many incidents and situations social workers may chance upon in their professional work, which may present some difficulty concerning the next step to take in working with a client. Being aware is the first step. Background Information The family subset that will be explored in this paper is a mother and a son dyad that I worked with in my internship last year. The mother, who will be referred to as Ms. Patrick and her son, who will be referred to as Sam were having difficulties at home. Ms. Patrick is a widowed White female in her late-fifties and her son, Sam, is a Bi-racial (African-…show more content…
Patrick. Even so, I still wanted to get to the core of her feelings and thoughts to gather why she thought it was okay to call her son the “N” word. Part of being a clinician is trying to figure out what the problem is so that solutions can be generated (Nichols & Swartz, 2008). With the situation described, I felt it imperative that I received as much supervision as possible. I did not want to be entrapped in the emotions that I have for anyone who would use the “N” word to put down another human being. I knew this would be a sensitive matter for me and I did not want to be seen as someone who could not handle emotions in a professional setting. As I relayed the situation to my field instructor, she felt really offended that someone would use “N” word. My field instructor did a quasi intervention with me, to make sure that I was okay. I informed my field instructor, that even though the word holds so much negative power, I would not let it affect me to the point where I could not do what I was required to do at my field placement. My field instructor asked me if I wanted to continue therapy with this dyad. I informed her that I thought I could be an effective therapist with this dyad, despite the circumstances surrounding the situation. My field instructor advised that I keep the big picture in mind when I dealt with the dyad. A couple of aspects that were pointed out to me were that she may have used the word
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