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Ethics and Values in social work There is a direct link between values and actions. When we perform an action we, and the act itself, may be judged according to the values expressed through that action (Shardlow 1989:p2) This assignment will discuss this statement by outlining how professional interpretation emerges from the way dilemmas between different values are resolved. The assignment considers a number of social work values including ‘Respect to persons’ and ‘Self-Determinism’. Guidelines on ethical practice are included because their role in determining action based social work is significant. Throughout the assignment the relationship between ethical issues and value judgements will be examined in relation to…show more content…
e points can be seen reflected in a micro sense within the values expressed by the day centre staff. This is mainly manifested in their attitude to Robert’s offence. Issues are based around their personal values and related to their perception of people who have committed sexual offences involving children. Despite Robert having received therapy whilst in secure accommodation, there is still concern regarding his personal responsibility and concerns are based around the presumption that Robert could abuse others and re-offend. It is important to establish whether a long term risk assessment been implemented to identify whether Robert is a risk. His attendance at the centre seems not to be the main concern, rather it is the proximity of the nursery which appears problematic for staff. In practice, if Robert were asked not to attend the centre, this could indicate discrimination by the centre staff, and yet he would still remain in the community. The staff seem to not have ackno! wledged that Robert has the potential to change, as a result of the intensive therapy he received.The nature of the ethical dilemma can be expressed by exploring the guiding principles of ethical conduct in social work practice. Client-centred approaches view clients as individuals who are assisted by the social worker to explore those elements that have consequence to their own perception of the world (Davies 1997 citing

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