Social Work For Children, Child Protection And Child Participation

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The values of service users are very important within social work practice as it can massively impact on how a social worker is able to do their work. This essay is going to demonstrate child perspectives and why they are important. Throughout will discussed two very important points within social work for children, child protection and child participation. The essay will also discuss legislations that is important for children in relation to The Human Act 1998. Discussing child participation will help underpin ethical issues as well as social, economic and political context. I conclude that the assignment will show debate between the opinion of child participation and enable a better understanding of children perspectives and the importance to social work practice.
‘The term ‘service user’ has focused on only who currently receive services and support, either voluntary or involuntary’ (Warren, J, 2007). A service user can also be someone that has received a service or support in the past in relation to present. There isn’t a specific group it includes as it can range from mental health patients to children. However throughout this essay it will discuss children and their perspectives/values in relation to social work.
The media portrays a bad perspective on social work by developing on child neglect and abuse. Within the media they manage to put a bad name to social workers ‘the ‘neglectful’ social workers’ (Cunningham and Cunningham, 2012). They are trying to convince the
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