Social Work Is Perceived And Public Through The Mass Media

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Abstract: The aim of this report is to give an insight on how social work is perceived and representated to the public through the mass media. How does the public understand the meaning of contemporary social work? This report looks into different cases like Baby P’s case and Victoria Climbe’s case and the blame towards the social workers involved. Looking at both positive and negative perceptions and representations of social work. How social work is presented through the media, and why is it a social norm for social work to be dominated by women? Introduction A system that has been used by many yet left misunderstood, with continuous downgrade through the mass media. Social work has had its roots with an idea or attempt to try and look in look into tackling problems within different communities like inequality and poverty throughout the UK. The Social welfare services were introduced to us after the being introduced to industrialisation and urbanisation. “The main purpose of early social work was to focus on primarily poverty and other concerns within that same line. In contemporary social work today social workers find themselves focusing on other raised problems like mental health, child protection, racism, care for adults, refugees, people living with both physical and mental disabilities and so much more. Often given caseloads to work through”(Truell, 2014). Social workers are assigned with different cases from referrals or through their mangers. When it comes to
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