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This comes under S.12AA of the 1968 Act (as inserted by 1990 Act) where carer’s can request and independent assessment of their need at any time and the Local Authority must comply with this. The local authority during the assessment must have regard to the carers ability to care for the person in need and the views of the carer and the person in need must be sought throughout the assessment process but only where practicable. Under this act Paul can request an assessment of his ability if he feels he is not able to care for his father and feels like residential care would be the best option for him.

As stated in the case study Paul now believes that it would be more beneficial for Ken to be living in residential accommodation. Under The National Assistance (Assessment of Resources) Regulation Act 1992 (1992 Act) (amended by The National Assistance (Assessment of Resources) Amendment (Scotland) Regulation 2011 (2011 Act) an individual would be assessed to find out if he would be required to pay for residential care. Under the amended 2011 Act if a person has assets valued at above £23,500 they must pay the standard rate of accommodation. Under this act Ken would be required to pay the standard rate for his accommodation as his house is valued at £150,000 and has £6,000 in his bank account. The Scottish Government Guidance: Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide; National Assistance (Sums for Personal Requirements)
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