Social Work Practice : Client Assessment

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In social work practice, client assessments are important because they allow social workers to gather information from clients. This information helps the acting social worker better understand clients presenting problems. The assessment also helps social workers evaluate a client’s progress and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions used. In this paper, a multidimensional assessment will be performed on a client I have been working with at my internship placement, Urban Ministries of Durham. Once all relevant information is presented, and intervention and treatment plan will be discussed.
Client Information and History
Identifying and Demographic Information
Client (AM) is a 20-year-old heterosexual African American female, born in Durham, and currently still resides there. Her primary language is English. She lives with her 13 moth old child (NM) in a one-bedroom apartment. The client is unemployed and currently receives SSI benefits. AM resides in subsidized housing because of her social security income. Client did not finish high school and has no desire to do so.
Social/Family/Environment History
Client’s parents were never married and ended their relationship when her mother was still pregnant with her. The client has 6 siblings. She has not had contact with her father and does not know where he is located. Her mother has refused to discuss him with her. Her mother has had several different live-in boyfriends. Client and her siblings have been in foster care on…
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