Social Work Profession : The Elizabethan Poor Law And The Industrial Revolution

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Adriana Trevino* Im alittle confused on question one . I have two answers for question one.1) The two important movement that helped shaped social work profession is the Elizabethan Poor Law and the Industrial revolution . Before these two movements in early european history the church, families and neighbors . However , when the feudal system was developed families were unable to take care of them. The first movement was the Elizabthan Poor Law movement. this was were passed as a response to the increasing number of poor in Great Britain. But the feudal system began to crumble and the tenant farmers lost their land. The law had three categories of relief recipients; the able-bodied poor , the impotent poor , and dependent children. This law was to empahsize on self-help, and benefactions were almost invariably restricted to the 'deserving poor ' of the immediate neighborhood. The second movement was the Industrial Revolution. This was made by the two themes of Protestant ethic and the Laissez-faire economic view. Prior to the revolution there were a few communities that had a large communites in the thousand however there was not enough employment opprotunites . So this idea of the Protestant ethic was an important effect on socail welfare. The idea emphazied individualism; one is the master of his own fate. this idea of how a person was judge by material goods not based by their personalities. The laissez-faire asserted that the economy and society in general would best

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