Social Work Reflection Paper

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As an adjunct privileged to have taught Social Work to both graduate and undergraduate students since 2003, my methods have evolved to suit the unique personality of each class, and to better engage and communicate with my students. Student learning is always my highest priority, and over time my teaching practice has become more interactive and student-centric, with less focus on me as the central figure.

Along with core content, as detailed in the course syllabus, several interconnected questions form the framework for my teaching approach and desired outcomes. Among these are: How do I help prepare students for the myriad responsibilities inherent in Social Work practice, and ensure they will provide the high quality services their clients deserve? What must I do to help them discover and enhance their strengths, and address any weaknesses? How do I help students connect academics to actual experience? Will my students work to ensure the profession’s sustainability, and advance the public’s trust and perception of Social Work? In sum, what can I do to help students learn, develop their talents and skills, and become productive, compassionate Social Workers committed to empowerment and social justice?

My general teaching philosophy, influenced by these critical questions, is to promote learning and professional development in my students. I work to create an educational environment that cultivates creativity, engages students, encourages higher order, critical thinking, and empathizes respect and understanding of the diverse opinions and backgrounds each of us bring to the experience. A primary goal of mine is to integrate scholarly works, research, literature, and other core content with the knowledge and skills I have gained through my experiences. Concurrently, I encourage students to examine and articulate their own experiences and personal attitudes, and to embrace the profession’s established principles and values as they build a solid foundation for their practice.

Trust is a requisite hallmark of the transformative learning process. Toward that end, I assume responsibility for forging a trusting relationship - a partnership, actually - that serves as the cornerstone of our class’

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