Social Work Reflection Paper

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Life experiences have shaped into wanting to help those who considered less fortunate and are oppressed by systematic rules and regulations. My personal philosophy of helping is that if individuals and groups in society are provided with the equal opportunities then everyone can become a productive member of society. If the necessary resources are provided to oppressed groups in society, then the result will be that individuals in those groups will work hard to become an effective citizen of society. It is my belief that everyone wants to be successful in life and with a little motivation and support from others they would have the ability to achieve certain goals. Equal Rights and Social Justice are concepts that I stand by and plan to…show more content…
I want to help individuals such as my brothers, specifically minorities youths who get caught up in the system and is underrepresented by the entire system. Another significant driving force is the fact that I come from a single parent home of low socioeconomic status, where there was an inherent struggle by my mother to make ends meet. There are so many people out there such as myself, who if they are just given the opportunity and resources could become a productive member of society and accomplish becoming a successful person.
Professional experiences have also impacted and shaped my philosophy of helping. One specific example is when I attended college in Buffalo, NY I volunteered for a year at the Hope Refugee Center. It was an intake center for refugees and their families to come and receive services and resources have access to a better life in the United States. I worked with professional social workers who helped clients find housing, get their children into school, get them to doctor appointments and other everyday essentials that would help them to make a better life for them and their families. This volunteer experience opened my understanding to the underline issues that marginalized groups face in society. It was very difficult to find services to some of the clients because of their status as a refugee. However, it was a satisfying

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