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The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog by Dr. Bruce D. Perry is an insightful memoir about a physiatrist’s experiences while working with children who are ridden with psychological disorders due to long term and sever trauma. Each child disused in the reading is unique in their experiences and the consequences of long term neglect and abuse that the children were subjected to at an early age. Throughout the course of the book, the author unravels these traumatic experiences and relates to how they have influence on the child’s current mental state. Dr. Perry uses unconventional and insightful techniques to work with these children, and help them to adapt to social enviornments, florish in an educational…show more content…
Dr. Perry determined that Leon’s mother neglected him as an infant, often times leaving him home alone for hours at a time. Leon did not develop properly because he was unable to form the proper attachment’s needed for a normal social life. Leon was mentally incapable of thinking about other people, and feeling any sort of love or compassion to other humans. Dr. Perry never said his mother’s neglect was the reason for the murder Leon committed, but he did determine that Leon was a sociopath, and this personality disorder may have been caused by neglect and the lack of attachment during infancy. Leon’s case was the most interesting and perplexing. It was difficult to comprehend, I did not want to place blame on Leon’s mother, because I want to believe that as humans we make choices and dertermine our own actions, however, you cannot escape the differences in Frank and Leon, and the differences in their early childhood. It was also difficult to realize that as a social worker, I may at some point have to work with a client like Leon. I will have to interview him, and figure out what prompted him to commit such a horrific and meaningless murder.
It was insightful to read this book with even just a limited and early education in social work. I was able to have a background of how important cognitive development is during infancy. As a social worker, you are able to pick out the mistakes the parents and gardians made while raising their children, you can also
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