Social Work Roles Of Macro Practice

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Social Work Roles in Macro Practice

Journal 1

Student Name: Adegboyega Bada
Professor: George Okurapa
Course: Community Practice
Course Code: SSW 402FA
Due date: 26th February, 2015
The social work roles in macro practice is very fundamental in community building and planning with the community on the existing assets and their
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It is likely that some professional practitioners will focus their attention primarily in one area than the other, however all social worker experience situations in which macro-level interventions are usually the right action to respond to certain need or problem. Perhaps, macro practice can be define as professional guided interventions which is designed to bring about change in organization, community and or policy areas. Macro practice is meant to prepare social worker for full time agency administration, program planning, community organizing, or policy analysis position. In the event of taking full time macro roles, the worker will need a more advanced skill than what was stated above. It is imperative that all student of social work will be confronted with different roles after graduation, they will still be involved in macro activities, some students are currently working as a social worker with whom work directly with clients and some are coordinators, planners, managers, administrators, organizers and policy analyst in various capacities. This brought about differences between students expectations of social service work practice and the actual experiences ones they are working in the field. As an
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