Social Work and the Criminal Justice System

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Chp. 13 Social Work and the Criminal Justice System
Arrest crimes vary by sex. A little more than one fifth of all crimes are committed by women. Younger women, or juvenile women are twice as likely to be arrested. Men are more likely to commit violent crimes. Men commit murder nearly ten times the amount of women. Women commit more property crimes. Men are abandoning women which is making them commit crimes to raise and care for their family.
Younger people are more likely to commit crimes. The crimes committed by young people tend to be more violent crimes. 44.3 of all arrests are people younger than the age of 25. Younger people tend to stick to blue collar crimes, rather than forgery, fraud, and counterfeiting. People aged 65 and older made up less than one percent of total arrests.
Minorities are disproportionately represented in statistics. African Americans represent about 14 percent of the population, but account for more than 38 percent of all violent offenses. African Americans also hold 28.6 of all arrests for property crimes. An estimated 12 percent of all black males in their late 20s are in jail. Only 1.7 of all white males in their twenties are incarcerated. Although there is this information its wrong to say that race and crime are related in any way. There may be a bias against minorities in the court system. Blacks are sent to prison at a rate of 8.2 times higher than whites. If trends continue two-thirds of every black men between the ages of 18 and 34
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