Social Worker, A Social And Moral Compass For Social Work Essay

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As a social worker, personal values can and often times conflict with professional values. “Values are deeply held preferences or ideals to which a person aspires” (Barsky, 2010). Neither right or wrong, personal values explain how individuals conduct their lives. To enhance the well being of an individual takes building a rapport and a professional relationship. While making ethical decisions, social workers should reflect to the The National Association Social Work (NASW) Code of Ethics. The NASW “serves as a social and moral compass for social work professional” (Cox, Tice, & Long, 2016 p. 10). Commitment to clients, privacy and confidentiality, and as well as conflict of interest must be considered while interacting with clients and making ethical decisions. In the Eye on Ethics ethical dilemma case, the parents of Alice, a client of a social worker, beseeched the social worker for a special favor. “They explained that the social worker was an important person in their family’s life and that it would mean a lot to them if the social worker would deliver a eulogy at their daughter’s funeral” (Reamer, 2002). Immediately, the social worker recognized the ethical dilemma.
When considering the correct decision to make pertaining to the above dilemma, one must consider if speaking at a client’s funeral is ethical. When considering responsibility to the client and the choices faced by the social worker, the most important standard to consider is privacy and confidentiality. Can

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