Social Worker And Social Workers

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My point view toward social workers before I started this class was that they were like superheroes. I think of social worker as superheroes because they fight for social injustice and they look for someone else well being .Everyone at one point in their life it gonna need a social worker. For example if your having problems at school you 're gonna get to see the school counselor. There are eight different types of social workers so whatever problems you might be having try to get a hold one of these superheroes. One of my earliest memories of social work was the film Lilo & Stitch where there was a social worker character in the film named Cobra Bubbles. As a social worker he wanted to ensure the Lilo was being well taken care of by her sister Nani who was also really young despite be legally considered an adult. Nani took custody of Lilo due to their parents passing away in a car accident. Cobra Bubbles doesn 't let his emotions get in the way of him doing his job as he didn 't hesitate to tell Nani that she isn 't fit to be a parent due to her short temper and lack of maturity. Cobra Bubbles is also very understanding and patient as he decided to give her three day to changed his mind as well find a job. Even though Lilo & Stitch it fictional it has heavily influenced my point of view on social work. I was able to identify power and privilege due to having personal experience. For instance when I was searching for a job I felt like my application wasn 't taken

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