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Becoming a master’s level social worker would enable me the credentials and opportunity to do what I want as a macro social worker. In order to get a career in this field you really need to have a master’s in order to be taken seriously and to get the position you want. I really want to work with an agency on an administration level developing programs and grant fundraising. Creating a program to fill the needs of others is something that I am passionate about along with changing policies that hinder clients.
One of the greatest fulfilling jobs I ever worked, was with a developmentally disabled boy who had bonded with me so much that he thought of me as a second mother. I started out as one of his staff, but I moved up quickly into becoming his house manager and was instrumental in helping him find a housemate. At the same time, I assisted him in achieving his Individual Service Plan goals. In addition, I had the privilege of working on a macro level and inspiring a transformation for human trafficking victims. The Director of the Center for Community & Civic Engagement appointed me as the Civic Engagement Scholar for Human Trafficking, where I assisted in managing $10,500 in grant funding.
Lastly, this year I held an internship that provides direct
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She has had a strong influence in the community and has worked at many agencies. Dori is a part of the NASW, is the director of the social work program at Mesa Community College. Dori hold many credentials some of them being a LCSW, a CEAP, Certified Employee Assistance Professional that works with employers and employees to help them achieve work and life balance. As well as, an ERYT-500 she incorporates a holistic approach to health and wellness utilizing yoga and mindfulness techniques for well-being. Dori has a passion that she ignites into her students and pushes them to reach beyond they feel is their
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