Social Worker Self Analysis

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2. This week (3/28) I shadowed a Social Worker (Ms. Lloyd) and we went to a nursing home. She is an Option Counselor for the agency. An Option Counselor is a person that is called once someone is transitioning from the nursing home and they are asking for more information on their options for housing and services outside of the nursing home. I also went to a Senior Delta Luncheon (3/29) with Ms. Averret (supervisor).At the luncheon Ms. Averret spoke to the seniors about the services that the agency offers and also gave out flyers to upcoming events. I was there to pass out brochures about the agency. I am still working on my training to help with counseling seniors about Medicare and data entry (3/30-3/31). 3. Value: Dignity and Worth of the Person 1.02 Self-Determination Although I only shadowed while at the nursing home, I felt that Ms.Lloyd showed this value. I was able to watch how Ms.Lloyd gave options for transitioning out of the nursing home to this elderly lady and also listened to her to see what she wanted to do. She didn’t just tell her what she needed to do, but asked her what she would like to do once she left the nursing home. Ms. Llyod asked a numerous of…show more content…
This week when I went to the Senior Delta luncheon Ms.Averret didn’t really have nothing for me to do there, but she wanted me to come with her. I made myself useful and took the initiative to get a table to set up with the flyers, brochures, and bags from the agency. I also got the sign in sheet that the agency has for every event so that they will be able to keep up with the numbers on how many people they are giving out information to. They also use the sign in sheet to get their contact information so that they can follow up with them just in case they would like more information. I made sure that everyone signed in and got the information that was on the table. At this event I noticed that you can be anywhere and still provide people resources that they can use or give to a family
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