Social Worker Who Entered The Profession For Acclaim Or Prestige

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I have yet to encounter a social worker who entered the profession for acclaim or prestige. It is a demanding career with long hours and ceaseless paperwork. Social workers are frequently overburdened in addition to being underpaid. Occasionally, they witness agonizing tragedy, fundamentally changing them. Having worked in social services for a number of years, I have had these experiences.
While undertaking an internship at a domestic violence clinic, I conducted an intake with a young woman who eventually returned to her abusive partner. Several months later, I was informed she had died at the hands of her abuser. While the vast majority of our experiences will involve successfully helping people overcome obstacles, there will be instances where despite our best efforts, human tragedy unfolds and people succumb to life’s challenges. In my opinion, this is one of the more difficult aspects of social work, but many people who enter the profession, including myself, trust the rewards will balance the tragedy.
The rewards associated with this occupation are why I remain in this line of work. I find professional satisfaction assisting people in overcoming adversity. I appreciate how this field, by its very nature, allows me to gain a deeper insight in understanding human beings, not only in what people endure, but what they overcome; it is inspiring. An additional reward has been my professional development through continuing education programs. Despite my experience,
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