Social Workers : A Rural Setting Face Each And Every Day Essay

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This paper discusses the issues that social workers who practice in a rural setting face each and every day. But, what does a town need to be considered rural? According to the United States Census, any area that has less than 2500 people is considered to be a rural area (Branch 2016). Areas with small populations such as these face many issues each day. These issues can include dual relationships, limited availability of resources, confidentiality issues, transportation issues, and having to take on more responsibility. All of these problems bring about difficulties for social workers who practice in rural settings. One of the main issues with practicing in a rural setting involves client confidentiality and how to maintain it in a rural setting. The odds of having a social worker completing counseling sessions with someone that they know previously are very high when you live and work in a small town. The client could be your next door neighbor or someone you serve with on the local school board. Confidentiality has an exceedingly high chance of being broken. In a small town, the locals will likely know who is currently going to the social worker’s office just by looking at who’s cars are currently in the parking lot. A local social worker might also have no choice but to deal with inquisitive neighbors asking him why their friend is in need of professional help and other personal questions. This type of intrusion generates problems for the client to be able to
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