Social Workers And Social Work

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At the heart of social work most social workers consider their social work values as one of the most crucial principles of the social work profession (Higham 2006). The recent report of the social work taskforce sets out a vision of social work for a profession confident about its values, purpose and identity (Social Work Taskforce, 2009, pg61). Generally, the term value is viewed as particular beliefs or principles an individual may hold deemed worthy or valuable (Banks,S, 2006). BASWA 2012 defines three basic core social work values as Human Rights, Social Justice and Professional Integrity. Alternatively, social work values do differ from personal values as individuals of that profession may not share the same personal values as another person but in a professional setting all would share the same social work values. For example, one may disagree with Gay marriage but this is not a social work principle. Juliette Oko however defines ethics as procedure in which social workers professional values can transcribe into practice. Ethical practice can therefore be described as accordingly ‘putting into action’ of the values or principles that is an aspect of professional social work. Human Rights are a key value upheld in the social work practice, as the foundation of social work reflects respect for all. As represented in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) (BASWA). Empowering people is an ethical principle under the human rights. Empowerment can

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