Social Workers And Social Work Essay

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In today`s society, social work as a profession has changed enormously over time. Many interviews, samples and surveys from individuals have been taken over the years about the perception of social workers. Earlier samples of surveys and interviews have shown that social work was not always a popular profession, but now social workers are popular publicly. The public as in people now has a better understanding of social work. Studies showed that numerous of people do not quite have a full understanding of the role of social work. Many people mistake social work as someone who just take someone kids away, and break up happy families. Listen to people problems, and deal with people with lower income or government assistances.
Researchers wanted the perception of social workers now in 2016. Three interviewees were interviewed to get there perception of social workers. Interviewee A was a 52-year-old black male with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from North Carolina Central University. Interviewee B was a 41-year-old black female. Interviewee C was a 20-year-old black male.
However, in today’s society looks at social work as wide range of possessions that social workers can help the community and people better themselves. Social work can range from working in personal problems in an individual family to schools and even to medical and mental health. Social workers build strong relationships with people and clients. Some people have said that social work is the same

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