Social Workers And Substance Abuse

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Field of Practice Social workers who work in the area of substance abuse concentrates on specific clients that have an addiction problem and those who are abusing different drug substances. Social workers who are working and dealing with cases of substance abuse can help clients on their journey to rehabilitation by being supportive, offering encouragement, and making the path to restoration a slightly easier. Social workers in this field use their knowledge and abilities to comprehend the needs of the client in relation to their substance abuse problems. The social worker measures the client to understand the severity of the substance abuse in order to know how to deal with the client. Social workers experienced in substance misuse and addiction often work as part of a team with other specialists, particularly licensed alcohol and drug therapists, doctors, and nurses. The NASW states that, “Many states require alcohol and drug certification in order to work in concentrated dependence treatment settings” ( The NASW provides a general overview on how social workers practice in the field of substance abuse and their goals. The National Association of Social Workers states that, “By developing and pertaining evidence-informed methods that include proven interventions and evolving procedures based on developing research findings, social workers can evidently improve treatment amenities for clients and their families. This methodology to service delivery demands that

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