Social Workers And The Human Rights

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5. After reflecting on my experience with whole CARES project, I have been able to connect it to several materials that we have covered in class throughout JanTerm. For starters, advocates and social workers are essentially the same, but there is a power struggle. Advocates face more of a struggle compared to social workers, because people don’t value us a majority of the time. Only if we are lucky, we will find a client that wants our help.
The next connection that I made was that we can relate social workers and advocates together. Both social workers and advocates are trying to fight for the enhancement of human well-­being that will help meet the basic human rights and needs of all people. Many social workers and advocates believe that it’s important for all humans to know their rights, because those rights can help provide them their basic needs for life. Those rights include shelter, food, and water. From working with Legal Aid on this project, I was able to witness that some of the DPSS workers were not fully committed to their duty in bettering the lives of applicants/participants who are in need of their basic human rights.
Another connection that can be made is that, we as advocates are using the law to justify why a certain person is entitled to the benefits that he/she is asking for. In a way it’s as if we the advocates are the clients lawyer. Except for the fact that we are doing this for the experience rather than being hired by the clients themselves. As
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