Social Workers And The Social Worker Client Relationship

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Today’s social workers are surrounded by technology, which changes the way social workers and clinicians practice. Technology helps social workers and clinicians work more efficiently and effective, as it improves greater productivity, less paperwork, ultimately allowing more time for clients. With the increase of use in technology, the current NASW Code of Ethics (2008), has created new standards specifically related to electronic communications, such as email, fax machines, computers, and electronic records. According to, Getz (2012), “research and experience thus far indicates that mobile application technology has the capability to support the social worker-client relationship”. With the increase in technological advances, social workers have the ability to utilize technological assessment tools in order to assist veterans with psychological issues. Currently, there are many different websites that social workers or clinicians could use in order to better serve and assess veterans. One online website that is beneficial for social workers to use is the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, PTSD Assessment. This website assists social workers by giving information on a variety of measures assessing trauma and PTSD in Veterans, such as assessment basics, training and tools, and veteran specific information (2015). This website provides facts about PTSD, as well as a practical guide to assessing PTSD. I would use this tool as a resource for working with a veteran with PTSD
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