Social Workers Help Clients Cope With Problems

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ocial Worker Social workers help clients cope with problems such as poverty, abuse, addiction, and mental illness by providing counseling, connecting clients with service providers, and encouraging clients to meet their own needs. Although it will be a tough job, I 'm up for a challenge. I want to help children, to live a long happy life. I want to pursue a career in Social Working. Looking over my past, and children I have worked with I want to help make everyone 's lives better than before. What does a Social Worker fully do? A Social Worker is contacted, from either a loved one, a friend, a client, or authorities. They will be contacted for many different reasons. A few would be children stuck in a bad home, a family in poverty, internal problems with yourself, or alcohol/drug addiction. A Social Worker will set up programs, or select the right service needed/desired for the problem at hand. Social Workers are often considered a guidance counselor for what service they provide to their community, and clients. The average Social Worker makes a little over $65,000 a year, with chances to improve and grow. Major colleges with this degree are Chapel Hill and George Mason University. Negative things about Social Working are long hours, irregular schedule, higher degree necessary, compassion fatigue, and dangerous work. Most jobs in social working require a bachelor 's degree, but more prestigious careers require a master 's degree. When being a Social Worker you need to be

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