Social Workers Observation

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Prior to taking the Elders course, I had limited interactions with older adults and was not aware about the services that are needed for this specific population. Throughout the course, I was exposed to many readings, lectures and guest speakers that enabled me to gain copious amounts of new information that gave me a deeper look into the lives of older adults. I recognized the importance of social workers’ understanding, and familiarizing themselves with policies that affect this population. Throughout the education process to become a social worker, students are exposed to many social theories, but this class specifically focused on the ones that directly apply to older adults. According to McInnis-Dittrich (2014), Social constructionism…show more content…
My sage reported that she follows a daily routine of finding rides to go hang out with her sisters. Part of her routine includes sitting outside, and playing dominoes at her eldest sister’s house which she usually does during the summer; she reported that she misses that aspect of her routine. She described communicating with, and visiting her seven siblings who are still alive, her daughter, and her grandchildren practically every day. My sage has positive relationships with her family and reported that they support her emotionally and mentally, and that they are the people she is able to discuss her private matters, issues and concerns with. She detailed how family members offer rides to and from her for medical appointments when she is not able to request transportation services on time. She described that her favorite sister takes her to the doctor majority of the time, to shop for clothes and groceries, church, and social…show more content…
She specified that she is more religious than spiritual. During the conversation, my sage emphasized that she believes in the afterlife, people should work to serve God, and that there will be a judgement day when God returns. She indicated that the church is extremely important to her, and that she attends the African Methodist Church. She has been attending her current church for over 50 years. Consequently, she stated she wants her funeral service to be held at her current church. My sage believes that the things she is going through and has been through in life have brought her closer to God. She stated that she used to be an angry individual who would fight and physically cut people for little things, but since going back to church consistently, her religion and belief in God has altered her personality. My sage believes that her belief has made her a timid person who no longer lets things get to her, and she no longer carries the anger that she once had. She stated that she is not comfortable with consulting or attending counseling with her pastor; that she speaks directly to God. She informed me that she seeks prayer from the church, but does not believe in sharing what she is going through with the pastor. Additionally, my sage said that she participates in a bible study group on the phone line with church members and her pastor on Wednesdays, and attends church every
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