Social Workfare Essay

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In Workfare Ideology for a New Under-Class, Shragge has written a collaboration from those who view workfare as not only an idea that will undermine the poor but not achieve the goals they are trying to. He writes that workfare is what helps drive the notion of the deserving and undeserving poor, creating a greater inequality within the poor, categorizing them. Those who are of able body and not working must complete the “requirements” to receive help/benefits. He argues that workfare punishes the poor, it turns welfare from a right to a type of paid work. Wilkinson and Pickett’s piece explores a more global view of poverty and the inequalities within our society that increases poverty. This piece adds to Shragge’s argument with evidence supporting the notion of…show more content…
First, the inequalities within poverty are already very evident, the readings related to the affects advocacy can have in making change; both readings were based on the idea of advocacy for the greater good and creating change to address the issues. Next, the idea of workfare would be directly affecting those who work in agencies, changing their work from helping people meet their basic human rights to making them fill the requirement and deeming who is “deserving”. It would shift the dynamics increasingly, and with the change would also come with Backlash. These changes would also threaten the jobs of those working in services and the possibility of more cuts to social programs, as welfare shifts from a right to a privilege. As a social worker being aware and advocating on the issues that surround our work is an important aspect of our profession, that is vital to ensuring positive change for those in need and in this case, those working in welfare agencies, with clients in poverty, and those in
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