Social and Environmental Factors Causing Obesity in Children

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In recent years, rates of childhood obesity in the UK have remained consistently high and the percentage of children aged between two and fifteen years’ old classed as obese from 16% in 2008, to 19% in 2010. From what we know by World Health Organization, there were nearly 40 million children under 5 years’ old overweighed in 2010 across the world. Obesity is a medical condition that children who carry excess body fat accumulated which may have a negative impact on health. This problem is mostly caused by constantly consuming more calories from food and drink than their body uses and not doing enough physical exercises. It is well known that children often will need to take in more calories than they use, as the extra energy taken are used for their growing up. However, regularly take in too much energy without doing enough physical activities will result the energy being stored as fat and they will put on excess weight. Children need a balanced diet in order to grow up healthily. Because of this, WHO banned the advertising of certain unhealthy food through media aimed primarily at children.

They also assume that children can be influenced by many social and environmental factors as they are still developing their cognitive abilities to recognise and manage their emotions or feelings; Secondly, they may put their own needs and interests above those of others, as they are very spontaneous and self-centred. While watching some advertising on TV, they might be easily
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