Social and Ethical Implications of Biotechnology Essay

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The term Gene Technology is interrelated and can be understood by the expression of genes by taking the natural genetic variations, modifying genes and transferring genes are the advantages to the new hosts. The term biotechnology is also a part of gene technology in which the use of living things to make or to change products. Biotechnology is been used for centuries by the humans in the activities ranging from animal breeding through to brewing baking and plants. ("What is genetic modification (GM)? | CSIRO", 2007). The term Genetic Modification of an Animal interrelates and involves the altering its genetic material by changing, adding or removing certain DNA sequences that normally doesn;’t happen in a natural way.…show more content…
By tracking genetic engineers that include viruses and jumping genes capable of copy pasting themselves, which is been biologist's development of more efficient and effective ways of adding DNA to cells. According to Randall Prather’s (2014): He disabled the CFTR (Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator) gene in pigs (This is the protein that takes salt in and out of the cell. The people that have cystic fibrosis CFTR gene deficient in them) in which the causes of cystic fibrosis symptoms is been developed.The researchers have shown that the inflammation characteristics of the disease in the humans born as a result of bacterial infections from the lungs by using these pigs. Mouse models of cystic fibrosis have been unable to solve this problem because CFTR gene do not develop the disease of lungs that mice lack with.Expect one or two animals, the whole researchers, are not in a positive mode (Murray, 2010). After researching the point that I got is that, transfer of genes across species and ability to isolate is derived from DNA and scientists who say is possible to produce animals in science fiction stories before. The creations genetically
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