Social and Ethical Values

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Social and Ethics Values
In this word document I will be talking about social and ethical values, how they have an impact at the workplace and how they relate to Ikea’s aims and objectives. There are various different types of factors that we need to consider for social and ethical values such as: 1) Production/products 2) Suppliers 3) Customers 4) Workers 5) Environment 6) Local communities
All of these factors have an impact on the workplace.
Products/ Production:
This is a print screen from the Ikea website and this shows that Ikea is very caring about the environment and they try to make sure that even at low prices that the quality of the product is still very good and they ensure they’re customers that
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This is a print screen from the famous consumer review website called and on this website I found a review saying that the customer service at Ikea is terrible and this was posted by “keithboy40” this customer had bought a product from Ikea it didn’t turn to be the same one that he had asked for he understood that it could have been a mistake so he had to travel 15 miles back to Ikea just so he can explain the situation to them however the manager there was not very friendly and helpful or even in fact knowledgeable because the customer told him that the bed he had chosen was a bargain corner bed and the manager said the bed we gave you is the one you have chosen and that it is a bargain corner bed and therefore the customers money would not be returned back to him and the customer’s argument was that the sales man didn’t tell them that this was also a bargain corner bed and that it could not be returned after it has been purchased. So the customer was not told all of the details of the product. In the customers words the manager was “the manager was a nightmare. Stone face unsociable and unwilling to budge. he kept quoting company
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